What is a Coregistration Path?

A coregistration path is a way to generate co-registration leads.

The path takes a user through a series of lead-generation offers that are presented as part of a registration process. The user may sign up for these additional offers, which are always optional.

For example, when signing up for sports-focused social network, a user might also be offered a variety of related content - a newsletter about teams and players, a magazine subscription, and information about where to buy sports memorabilia. The series of offers is the coregistration path.

Co-reg providers
are typically paid on a cost per lead basis and have the ability to generate high volumes of leads (thousands per day) using these methods. Advertisers that buy co-registration leads need a way to manage all of their providers. They need to be able to receive, track, validate and report on the leads they are purchasing from these providers. The industry standard for managing Internet Leads is a service called LeadConduit that is provided by the folks over at ActiveProspect.